Trattoria al Ponte

This is the closest restaurant to the Relay, you can reach it walking because it is located just 200 meters. The cuisine is typical of Verona.

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Osteria La Lanterna

Just 3 kilometers from the Relais this restaurant offers a cuisine based on traditional recipes from Liguria, enriched with what the Verona area offer.
Mainly based on fish.

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Osteria dal Pipa

Just 3 kilometers from the Relais you can find this typical restaurant, offers traditional cuisine from Verona and the dishes are mostly based on meat.

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Pizzeria Saporè

Just two kilometers from the Relais you have the opportunity to experience one of the most famous and best pizzerias of the province. Saporè is famous for its pizzas soft and elegant, you can even choose the type of dough pizza base (crispy, soft).

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Osteria Mattarana

Just two kilometers far this restaurant and pizzeria is great especially for families, in fact, inside the restaurant there is a play area where children can play while the older ones can stay at the table and check on the kids.

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Antica Bottega del Vino

This popular restaurant is definitely the most recommended restaurants in town.
The "Bottega" is located in the historic center, close to Piazza Erbe and is well know all over the world for its wine list, award-winning years among the 80 best restaurants in the world from Wine Spectator. In Italy only 5 Restaurants can claim this award. The cuisine is traditional Venetian, and we especially recommend the Risotto with Amarone. Reservations are recommended.

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Trattoria Al Pompiere


Old Osteria in Verona which owes its name to its founder, a retired firefighter. In the center of Verona , it’s a stylish restaurant with a warm, welcoming atmosphere, in the main hall in a corner, there are 35 different types of cold cuts and next, the cheese counter with about a hundred typologies of italian cheese.

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Pescheria ai Masenini


Seafood Restaurant in Pescheria Square which in ancient times, as the name suggests, was used as a fish market. Today is one of the most intimate places of the city, near the river Adige. Local, run by young people, with one goal: bring on the tables of Verona fish, maintaining a simple and traditional cuisine.

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Locanda Castelvecchio


Historic setting of great charm in the heart of Verona, in front of Castelvecchio and inserted in the beautiful setting of Palazzo Castellani. The memorial place is furnished with a very refined style with great attention to details. The menu offers genuine Veronese cuisine.

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Osteria La Nosetta

Particular Osteria in Via Bettelloni 42, outside the center of Verona and 6 kilometers from Musella. A place different from the usual, with a menu to view which varies according to the season and evenings. Tasty “delicatessen”, colorful and imaginative: meatballs with spinach and chickpeas, savory crepes with beets, walnuts, onion and feta, mixed fried, toasted bread with shrimp, omelets ... to try!

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Le Cantine de l’Arena

Cantine del'Arena is many things and especially enjoys a beautiful view of our famous amphitheater. Pizzeria, restaurant, brasserie ... stands out because in some evening you can even listen to live music. A casual place where you can have a nice dinner and spend a happy evening.

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