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Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso (2010)

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Valpolicella Superiore

- First vintage of production: 1993

- Grape varieties: Corvina e Corvinone 70%, Rondinella 20% e Barbera 10%.

- Geographical area: north-east of Verona, on the hill that separates Montorio from Valle d’Illasi.

- Total extension of the vineyards: 27 hectares of modern vertical trellis.

- Age of planting: since 1970 to 2001.

- Soil composition: calcareous with red clay in the vineyards Il Perlar and Palazzina, white clay and tufo in Monte del Drago.

- Planting density:  5/7000.

- Thinning: from July 15th to August 1st.

- Harvest: from September 13th to October 3rd .

- Yield per plant:  2 kg

- Vintage climate:

Very cold winter, very normal springtime. Many rainfalls during the all first part of the summer, but from the end of July to the end of October the weather was sunny and dry, so the end of maturation and the harvest were simply perfect. Very balanced vintage, a great vintage.

- Winemaking technique

15% of Corvina’s grapes is dried for 4 weeks, 20% of all fresh grapes are directly vinificated. The 65% is “ripassato” on not pressed skins of Amarone  to earn colour and structure. Maceration of the must-peel for 12-15 days on a temperature between 20-26°C Regular remontages We drawn off the skins from the must. Malolactic fermentation. Transfer to French oak barrels of 350, 500, 1500 lt .

- Maturation: 12 months

- Bottling: April 2010

- Enochemical characteristics

Alcohol: 13.90% vol

Total acidity: 6.15

PH: 3.35

Sugar: 4,3 g/l

Extract: 27,8