On the hills of San Martino Buon Albergo, is Tenuta Musella, one of the most beautiful and self-contained estates of the Veneto region. Rich in forests, waters, specialized crops, ancient courts and little churches, farming estates and houses, it appears as a net of roads and terrains, all within a single, completely fenced body. It’s a sort of ancient natural park where you can find many animals and rare plants.

The Wood is not very high for two reasons, the first related to the fact that the soil is not very deep, and the second reason is the deforestation carried out during the two world wars for the supply of timber.
The Wood is interesting however to the wide variety of bushes which remain in the protection of young shrubs until the moment they are strong enough to stand to lose a few bud at the expense of roe deer and hares.
Among the plants: Oak trees, Hornbeam Blacks and Whites, Ash, Maples, Mulberries , Judas trees, Alders, Rosehip, Butcher’s broom, Blackberry Bush

A splendid aristocratic Villa is in the centre of this secular park. The oldest sources on the family of the counts Muselli, presumably the first proprietors of the Tenuta, date from the sixteenth century, but it is not until the second half on the nineteenth century that one hears about the winemaking tradition of the area, inaugurated by the inspired and enthusiastic Cesare Trezza di Musella.

The ancient Villa d’Acquarone, complex dating back to the seventeenth century, is located on the hill of Musella. The splendid halls, the luxurious rooms, the library, the park and the famous Villa aviary make this a magical place full of charm.


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