With great enthusiasm and discipline the company, Demeter certified since 2014 and BD farmers certified since 2020 follows the biodynamic method since 2009, it’s a conscious choice born out of love and respect for the land.

The biodynamic method was born with Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), which tried to describe all aspects of life and science in terms of the holistic philosophy, that he developed and named Anthroposophy.

According to this philosophy, the evolution of the capacity of human knowledge has been accompanied by a growth of spirituality. Freedom means to have this knowledge and the ability to act on it. His ideas have influenced many areas of human knowledge, such as education (Waldorf schools), medicine and art (movement and Eurythmics). In 1924, on the estate Koberwitz was held an Agricoltural Class, east of Bratislava (now Poland).

The course was organized on the initiative of farmers who began to ask questions and to have concerns, considering that agriculture is not merely a production technique that requires an increasing number of chemical inputs. Based on its holistic philosophy, Steiner poses practical questions like: How many cows which provide manure can be kept in a specific area of land? Which preparations applied in homeopathic quantities are suitable for a particular soil and a specific crop?

At the time when the course in Agriculture had place , the participants formed an experimental Club. The trademark “DEMETER” was introduced for biodynamic products in 1927.

Demeter (Demetra) is the name of the Greek goddess of fertility, who was held responsible for the flowering of all plants.

BD farmers certification was born in 2020 https://www.bdfarmers.org

What is biodynamic agriculture?

Two words that imply a way of working, observe and experience the land. A philosophy of life to appreciate the harmony of a cultivated field, the succession of the seasons and time. Biodynamic method means to be in tune with nature, with the earth and with men. Fertilization, cultivation and livestock are implemented in ways that respect and promote the vitality and fertility of the land and at the same time the typical qualities of the plant and animal species. The deep connection with nature and the full respect of its rhythms lead, with biodynamic farming, to abolish the use of mineral fertilizers and synthetic chemical pesticides, and to manage the land according to cosmic and lunar cycles.

The ideal is to create a unit biodynamic farm with a herd of cattle. The animals are in fact an important element of this organism, providing valuable fertilizer, to be used after composting to increase the vitality of the soil.

According to the biodynamic method, fertility and vitality of the land must be obtained by natural means: compost produced from solid farmyard manure, plant material as fertilizer, crop rotation, pest control and pesticide mechanical based mineral and vegetable.

Making vital land and increasing the biological activity, the plants grow in a natural way, nourished by the ecosystem of the soil. Fertilizers and soil care are therefore aimed at obtaining and maintaining this balance. For more detailed information please consult the national website of biodynamic agriculture

Alexander Podolinsky’s visit to Musella

Podolinsky is considered now the greatest expert in biodynamic agriculture.

Podolinsky took up the challenge to make the biodynamic method and Steiner theories accessible to all farmers. Applying and refining this method in his farm, and working closely with many other farmers managed to bring Steiner’s teachings to a more practical level, supporting its detailed comments with a clear conscious and methodical explanation and understanding.

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